Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's not there fault, but it is our blessing.

I remember my parents had "big news" to tell us, I was beyond excited I thought we were going to disney world. Turns out we were adding a baby sister to our family. Not that my mom was pregnant, but adoption! I guess I was too little to understand the full impact that actually meant, that we were literally having to traveling around the globe to take an almond eyed baby home. That someone could not want a baby, even if they wanted this china baby they couldn't keep her, BY LAW? Image the reactions and the controversy that would uprise if there was a law you could only have one child.. it is unthought of, and that is the norm in China. So there is was, my family of six was adding another to our family, we would be traveling to china. The experience was eye open, I was dumbfounded with the poverty and the society.Now we are on our third blessing. In china, you are born into a social class and you stay there, there is hardly any exceptions. It isn't there fault.. they love there baby girls and these moms want the best for these beautiful girls. And thats where we come in, we adopt these girls that would forever be in an orphanage and forever not have  family. They are our loves. 

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